Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Saw 4 Paperclips This Morning

Yes, FOUR! They continue to follow me around. At around 7:20 AM, I walked from the parking lot on Exchange Road to Pancake House at Pearl Drive for a breakfast meeting with my team. In that short ten minute walk, here's what I saw...

A White Paperclip with My Morning Shadow
"Good morning, Nikki," it seemed to say to me. I took several photographs of it in reply. (Who cares if so many people gave me strange looks. Hee-hee.)

Up Close (and Personal) with An Old Friend
This is the same blue paperclip from last week's post. It's deeper in dirt but it's still struggling to be noticed in its bright blue-ness. I wonder if there are others who notice it like I do.

A Paperclip and A Friend
This is the third paperclip I saw this morning. And look! It even had a friend next to it. Can you see them? Perhaps I could have a story about all other office supplies: a red-and-white striped stapler, a neon-green tape dispenser, or a glow-in-the-dark rubber band? Hee-hee. I wonder if the blue paperclip and the rubber band came from the same person?

A Yellow Paperclip... without Bright Purple Spots
I wonder where this yellow paperclip came from? It's slightly bent out of shape so it must have had a rich and colorful life.

I'm glad I had my camera this morning. Here's to many more paperclips to see, find, think of and write about.

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