Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Meets (Eggplant) Nats

My friend Nats dropped by Powerbooks to say hello and buy a couple of books. Yey! It was so good to see her again.

Nats was a Euphoric Eggplant with the Ateneo Student Trainers or STrains... like me! We were Team E and had to come up with a funky team name. The Euphoric Eggplants is significant because I think it was the start to my purple fetish. I made stickers with our bright purple eggplant mascot, complete with hands and feet and a wide euphoric smile. We bought purple folders and pens for each other. We signed off as "Eggplant Nikki" or "Eggplant Nats". Our Deputy Team Head, Eggplant Jon, changed all the E's in an email to bright purple capital letters! Isn't that cool?

Thanks for coming, Eggplant Nats! See you again soon!

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