Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Cebu

I was in Cebu for a couple of marketing events last week and it was good to find time to meet an old friend Mia Zamora. Mia and I share similar interests and backgrounds: she's also from Ateneo, an HR professional and also a writer! She writes for Kikay, a weekly fashion + beauty + lifestyle column of the Cebu Daily News. Click here for her archived articles. The Yellow Paperclip is happy to have a new friend in the beautiful Queen city of the South!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Yellow and Purple Valentine

Alec (or fondly known as "Klutz" - our mutual term of endearment) is the sweetest brother in the whole world. (And yes, I say that proudly even if he is my only brother in the whole world. Hee-hee.) He left this on my window sill. If the card is too small, it reads: Hope you like these yellow flowers with bright purple... flowers! Aawwwwww... Thanks, Klutz!