Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She Was All Yellow... and Coldplayed Out

By the time I found out that Coldplay was coming, all the tickets were sold out. I was devastated, and once again re-realized that I was a workaholic and living under a rock. Yet the Universe conspired for the dreamer in me and a friend of a friend decided to sell his ticket a few days before the big day. (On hindsight, I wish I dreamed up a date for the concert too!)

For someone who has never watched a movie in the cinema alone, it was a huge leap for me to watch the concert on my own. I was right smack in the middle of 12,000 people in the Indoor Stadium and I loved it.

Chris Martin was more amazing than I had imagined and I was blown away when he sang Yellow (complete with giant yellow balloons floating around everywhere!), and again with their encore rendition of The Scientist. Swoon.

PS. I wish I got one of the yellow balloons though!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Yellow Than You Think

Question: What is this?
a. Yellow Yarn
b. Cheese Curls
c. Clones of Yellow, the Catterpillar?

Answer: None of the above. It's my latest impulse buy - a fun, fuzzy, bright yellow bath mat! Actually, I got two of them on a Buy 1, Take 1 offer at Barang Barang.

And yes, they did remind me of yarn, Cheese Curls, and Yellow from Hope for the Flowers. Hee-hee.