Saturday, May 26, 2012

Come and See the Festival

As I sit here at O'Hare waiting for my flight, I am really looking forward to the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2012... that starts 9 hours after I land at Changi Airport from my 5-week U.S. trip!
I've seen and read about the Festival for the last few years but have not been able to attend because of work commitments. This year, I really feel the need to be there. It would have been so easy to extend my stay in Pittsburgh (I was starting to get used to my routine!) but I knew I would feel bad if I missed the Festival yet again. I'm glad my managers and colleagues are supportive of my decision. This is a great example of work-life balance at play!

"Come and you will see," is and will be my theme for the rest of the year. Let's see what the Festival has in store!