Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Meets Yayie and Mike... and Will be Going to Zambales!

Yayie is an old friend and carpoolmate from the good ole Ateneo days. I ran into her in Megamall last week and she said she bought two copies of my book: one for her and one for Pamela, a little girl she sponsors through World Vision based in Zambales.

I met up with Yayie and her boyfriend Mike for lunch today. The last time I saw them was sometime in 2003 I think, at the height of LOTR. I remember Mike teaching us how to write in Elvish! (Yes, he can write in Elvish! His journals are in Elvish! Wow!) It was great to catch up and talk to them about the adventures of the Yellow Paperclip.

Until the next lunch in Ortigas!

PS. September 24, 2006: I got an email from Yayie with this picture of Pam. I hope she enjoyed my story! Thanks for the photo, Yayie!

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