Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Pampanga... and then to Idaho!

I'm so excited! Five books will be traveling quite a bit in the next coming weeks. I dropped the books off at the Air21 counter this afternoon at the Alabang Town Center. By Wednesday, they should be in Angeles City in Pampanga. By mid-May, they should be somewhere in Idaho.

I got an email last week from Claire, a teacher, part-time writer for the Idaho Press, and on-the-way mom. What a surprise! I haven't quite traced where she heard about the Yellow Paperclip, but she says she is on the constant lookout for new Filipino books for her kids to teach them about being Pinoy. I warned her that the book is hardly a Filipino folktale! Yet she still ordered five books. She asked me to send them to her mom in Pampanga who will be visiting Idaho in a few weeks. Wow, these books will be some of the most well-traveled ones!

Claire, I hope your family, especially Benjamin and his baby brother, enjoy my story!

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