Wednesday, April 26, 2006

El Clip Amarillo del Papel con Puntos Púrpuras Brillantes

That's The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots in Spanish! (Well, at least according to a quick free translation on the web!) No, it hasn't been translate YET but thanks to a new friend, my story just might be in Spanish someday in the future.

I had dinner with two new friends from the Powerbooks Megamall Book Club tonight after we had our book discussion on Pride and Prejudice. One of them, Zoe, will be flying to Barcelona in June to take up a three-month Spanish program. I knew her from the good ole Ateneo days, but I think I only really got to know her tonight over a three-hour non-stop gab fest. She's a writer (yet like me, was also intimidated with literary groups in college), closet kikay-girly-girl, a language buff, and a true romantic (I can still remember her argument when we discussed The Time Traveler's Wife: "There are worse things than waiting. I'd rather wait than settle.") I think it's cool to get to know people outside the confines and expectations of college.

Thanks to Zoe, she got me thinking about trying out for a French language scholarship. Perhaps I can dream and work for Le Trombone Jaune avec les Points Violets Brillants?

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