Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Model for a Day

Today was the photo shoot for the magazine feature. Eeeep. It was awkward and unnerving. It was so intimidating to be around so many pretty skinny girls with flawless skin and clothes that hugged them in the perfect way. It was uncomfy sitting in a high chair, feeling underdressed in just a white t-shirt and jeans. I got transformed by the expert (yet kind and patient... and funny!) make-up guru Ara Fernando. I announced from the start my honest disclaimer: This is my first photo shoot! I was so happy to hear her reply: Don't worry, you're in good hands.

Oh and I sure was! An hour (or two?) later, after sharing some laughs with Ara and realizing we have common friends (more connections!), we headed to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf next to The Ortigas Park. There was just the round table, a chair, me, my paperclip... and my smile. I didn't realize how hard it is to look and feel naturally happy when 1) there are people staring, 2) it's windy and so my hair kept getting messed up, 3) it's mid-afternoon and I felt my face was melting (it wasn't though), and 4) I was upset because of not-so-good news at work that morning. I hope my eyes weren't sad in the photos. Oh well. We'll see.

I haven't seen the photos and I haven't read Nikki's article. I'll post them both once I have them. Eeeeep. I hope the magazine turns out great.

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