Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fifteen Days to Go

Gulp. October 16 is the deadline for the 2007 PBBY-Salanga Prize. If you want to submit an entry, click here for more details.
Write, Nikki... WRITE!!!


jun said...

We have power! I told you i'll drop by as soon as it comes.

So, are you sending entries to the 2007 contest?

- Jun

PS: Couldn't recall any purple thingy on you =)

will be visiting your blog(s) often.

CloudWoman said...
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jun said...

I have a story in mind, very simple really but would be great when done comic-cook like or illustrated. I'll have to check where I hid the draft and re-visit it. I hope I have the time.

Also, I included you my mailing list of my weekly emails. Check naman if I have potential and do spread the word if you think it's worth it.

Got 2 pics of you pala. will send it to you this week.

I've read of Juan M and fightpompe. You are right, he is really a name in blogging.

And thanks for your kind words and for dropping by my site. I hope to catch you more often.

CloudWoman said...

There is always time to write! (Hah, nagsalita...) Write, Jun, write! I'm always a big cheerleader when it comes to people's dreams so I do hope you work on that draft and submit on October 16.

I look forward to your weekly emails and blog updates. We all need a healthy dose of sunshine and your Magandang/Mabuting Balita has more than enough to go around. I'll definitely share your good news!

May Ann said...

Galingan mo ah, dear! Go Nikki Go! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!