Monday, October 02, 2006


It was Becca. She started my great adventure around the world.

These lines speak the truth for both The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots and myself. Becca really did start one of my life's biggest adventures - my storybook and all the stories I can share because of it. I love telling the story of how she helped develop the adventures of our Yellow Paperclip. It was one of my earliest posts - read it HERE.

In celebration of Becca's 12th birthday, we had a unique and colorful birthday celebration at MMLDC yesterday afternoon. Check out our birdmasks! My homemade mask looks really daggy next to Becca's cool and sophisticated purple one! Nonetheless, it was still well-worth the 100 kilometers I drove to and from home.

Happy birthday, Becca! I wish you many colorful adventures in the years ahead! You're really a bright purple spot in my life!


jun said...

Happy Bday Becca! Iani and Tesa had fun. And Gina and me. MLMDC was a sight to behold. And the birds!

And am fortunateto have met the one and only Nikki. =)

CloudWoman said...

Wow... Thanks, Jun! :) I'm sure there are a lot of Nikkis around... but very few with bright purple spots! ;)

jun said...

UBEr cool!

Linked you. =)