Saturday, October 02, 2004

Becca Started this Great Paperclip Adventure

Meet Becca Carreon, my colleague Anna's 10-year-old daughter who helped me create and develop the stories behind The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots. A week before the deadline of the 2005 PBBY-Salanga Prize, I asked what she thought of several stories I had in mind. Fish and flowers were boring; but when I asked her to trace the steps and adventures of a paperclip, her eyes lit up and she smiled. The light in her eyes told me I had a good story. In between giggles, we daydreamed and imagined where a paperclip could have come from and where it could travel to. I scribbled our ideas on a scrap piece of paper and used that to write my story.

Me, after daydreaming several scenes: "Becca, what color is this paperclip?" Becca's INSTANT and matter-of-factly answer: "Yellow." I love how she already saw our character in full color.

I can't help but thank the Universe for allowing our paths to cross at such a perfect time. Becca is a big bright purple spot in my life; she is also a central character in the story. Check out these spreads from the storybook...

I can't ever thank you enough, Becca! (Incidentally, it's also her 10th birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

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