Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's 100% Real

Gang, my poetry teacher-turned-great one-of-us friends, helped to make my dream come true. With our Poetry for Non-Poets class last July, she got me to start seriously writing again. With a gift she gave me last Saturday night, she made real what until then was just something I had imagined in a story.

"It's not yet complete," she said, as she made me close my eyes and put out my hands. She dropped something heavy and cold and when I opened my eyes, there it was: a real Yellow Paperclip. "It's an interactive gift," she continued. "You have to put the Bright Purple Spots. I couldn't quite figure out how to put them on!"

I could hardly contain myself. I felt like a little girl squealing with delight. I carried it around the entire night: in the car, when we watched a play, while we had a late dinner and stopped for coffee at The Fort.

The very next day, I experimented and decided on punching holes through bright purple sticker paper. The holes made great Bright Purple Spots.

It's 100% real now: my Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots jumped out of my imagination, out onto pages of my journal, into words on a screen... and into the palm of my hand. Thanks, Tita Gang.

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