Monday, September 11, 2006

The (Not-so-Shy) Yellow Paperclip Shares Stories at the Booktalk

The SCBWI Booktalk last night was a good way to spend a Monday evening. There were just five of us at Figaro Greenbelt but I think I can speak for the others when I say we all enjoyed ourselves. Beaulah and Nikki of SCBWI, plus Patrice, Steve and I, talked non-stop for a couple of hours about the books we brought. My last Booktalk was in February when there were 30+ people to listen to a talk on poetry for children by Lara Saguisag. Apparently, Patrice and Steve were also there... but we never got to meet. I've always liked smaller groups and so this Booktalk was much better as it allowed us to exchange thoughts and ideas more intimately.

Beaulah asked me to bring my Yellow Paperclip and since we're not supposed to talk about the book's plot, I shared the stories-behind-the-story: how Becca helped me develop the story, how the characters are real people in my life, how the themes are so close to my heart, and of course, how Glenn fits in with the whole adventure. It was the first time I shared so much about my story to a group. It was a bit of a "psychological striptease" (as my good friend Gang would often say about writing) - embarrassing yet somewhat liberating. I'm just happy they all listened and seemed to enjoy the inside stories. This story is the story of my life... that is, if you can read between the lines!

Meeting Patrice, who teaches at ISM, was definitely a highlight. She said she'll invite me to share my story with her students! How exciting! I think (and hope) fellow TCKs can relate to the Yellow Paperclip on a different level. I can't wait...

I look forward to Nikki's post about the Booktalk on the SCBWI Philippines blog. If you find yourself free and looking for something different to do on the first Monday evening of the month, join us. New Books + New Friends + Good Coffee + Good Conversation = A Good Evening. Hope to see you on October 9!

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