Saturday, September 09, 2006

An Invitation to a BOOKTALK on Children's Books

Beaulah and Nikki, thanks for the plug! See you on Monday!

The next SCBWI Booktalk will be on Monday, September 11. You or someone you know might want to come.

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Are you someone who has a keen interest in children's literature? Perhaps you're already a writer or illustrator of children's books? Or maybe someone who's aspiring to become one? If that's the case, come and join us!

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What : Booktalk about children's and young adult books

When : Monday, September 11, 2006 from 6 to 9 pm

Where : Figaro, 3rd level Greenbelt 3, Makati

Bring : Any children's or young adult book to talk about

Example: The most recent National Book Award winner "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots" by Nikki Dy-Liacco, illustrated by May Ann Licudine. The 1948 Newberry Award-winning "The 21 Balloons" by by William Pene du Bois . "The Three Little Pigs" retold and illustrated by Jean Claverie. The high school edition in English of "Noli Me Tangere" by Dr. Jose Rizal. "The Hunt" by Diane-Elizabeth Napier, one of 26 books in the Rainbow Readers series distributed by the National Literacy Association in the UK. "Catcher in the Rye" by JD Salinger. Or whatever children's or young adult book you bring that you want to bring and talk about!

For : Writers, illustrators, book designers, publishers, editors, translators, storytellers, counselors, librarians, booksellers, collectors, educators, teachers, parents, and other kinds of creators, advocates and passionate lovers of children's literature

Fee : P170 (includes one drink), SCBWI members P120

Host : Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

Everyone is welcome - members, non-members, friends. Interested? More details below.

* * *

How : Depending on the size of the group, we give each person anywhere from one to three minutes to speak. We then have a round-table discussion - about the books that we brought, and whatever other topics these books suggest. You can also do any or all of these - listen to the others, examine the books, ask questions, express an opinion, share an insight or relevant information, talk about your plans or projects. As long as it's related to books for children and young adults. It's usually inspiring, fun, enlightening, sometimes dismaying or even disturbing, always stimulating and thought-provoking.

Booktalk guidelines : We actually have very few rules, and one of them, we decided, is that when you booktalk, please DO NOT give us a summary of the book. Two or three sentences telling us what the story is about is fine. The rest of your booktalk should tell us what else you considered worth noting about the book - the writer's writing style, the writer's other books maybe, the writer's life and careeer, the the price of the book (not a small thing!), the state of the book (worn and tattered and obviously well used, perhaps), the quality or type of illustrations, the book design, the life and career of the illustrator, the book's production quality, the beautiful (or pitiful) paper for the inside pages, a profile of the book's publisher, the reason why you chose to bring this particular book, what is it about this book that makes you feel inspired, enlightened, happy, comforted, dismayed, disturbed, sad, calm, agitated, etc. Is it a book you read and liked in childhood? Is it a book you continue to read and like in adulthood? Is it a book you would love other children to read? Is it a book you wish you wrote? Or illustrated? Is it a book you think should be given to all children? Or a book you think should be given carefully and selectively? Etc., etc. (Now you know why some of us have to be told we talked beyond the time limit!)

So come and join us! And please, tell us if you're coming.

Contact : Nikki at 0917-667-1267, or Beaulah at 0917-787-4956,

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