Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Biggest Housewarming Party, Ever... and The Most Romantic Story Ever Told

While I'm really thrilled to get the Award (and not a house!) for my Yellow Paperclip, I think Kyle beat me with his One Red Paperclip: he not only has a house... but he now has a fiancee! Thanks to Allan's amazing blog, I got the latest scoop on the magical events in Kipling over the housewarming party weekend. Read on and see if you don't get a little lump in your throat.

It was almost biblical: thousands of pilgrims from all over arrived, drawn by the beacon of OneRedPaperclip, bearing house-warming gifts and wishes and all sporting huge smiles irked up by basking in the famous location.

The town of Kipling, SK (usually pop. 1,142) swelled, erected stages, swarmed with international media, brought in extra Royal Canadian Mounted Police and ramped up to for the biggest event this town (and I’d say the province) would ever see.

The ambiance was indescribable. Hugging strangers was normal. Everyone bubbled over with joy at the concerts, fireworks, Hollywood movie castings, balloon rides, Kyle’s open house – in brief, everything. Most of us camped in tents, and thus a huge community formed. Kum-bye-ah, man.

Finally, on the Sunday, the emotion hit a fevered pitch, when the most unbelievable, poignant series of events unfolded.

A big ceremony took place where all the people who had traded with Kyle (aside from three who couldn’t make it, such as Alice Cooper) stood on stage to be recognised and have their stories re-told.

Next Kyle was made Mayor of Kipling for one day, receiving a sachet and a gavel. Among cries from his buddies “Your honour, get me a pardon from the drunk tank!” his honour Kyle was urged to speak. But the biggest surprise, ever, lay in lurk.

Kyle did an impassioned speech, but near the end, he took the original red paperclip he had started it all off with, bent it into a hoop shape, dropped to one knee, and offered it to his long-time girlfriend Dom.

The crowd gasped, cameras snapped in a frenzy, and there was not a dry eye to be seen. I was sitting with Kyle and Dom’s families, and soon found myself in a circle of hugs and tears and utter, genuinely bewildered surprise.

Now that's an amazing (and uber-romantic) adventure for one red paperclip. Don't get me wrong: winning the Award was incredible and it truly is a bright purple spot in my life. But finding Mr. Right (complete with a daggy yet sweet paperclip engagement ring) would be perfect... and the brightest and most purple spot, EVER.


cornelius alexander said...


Funny... I actually saw the video of the guy who started with a paperclip and ended up with a house & thought of you and your book.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I stumbled across your little blog & caught up virtually with your paperclip adventures. Wow - congratulations!!! I checked amazon, but it isn't in stock there... yet... ; )

OK, it's almost 1AM, so I must retire. Long day today, forecast for a long day tomorrow. Such is life...

CloudWoman said...

NEIL-OGG!!!! What a happy surprise! And what a coincidence: I was thinking about you on the 15th and thinking about how to get a copy of the Yellow Paperclip to you in Delaware... :) BELATED happy birthday, Neil-ogg! Do tell me about YOUR recent adventures!