Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Milpitas

The Yellow Paperclip has landed in several places in California! Last stop San Diego, next stop, Milpitas with the Dy-Liacco Kapunakans (translate: "cousins" in Bahasa Indonesia). Here's my paperclip's new friend, my nephew Jake.

Tito Boboy, one of my dad's older brothers, came home from Milpitas just for my grandma's 87th birthday two weeks ago. To thank him for all the paperclips he saved when he was still working, I gave him three books to bring back home to Milpitas for Jake and my nieces Inna and Isabel. I remember their mom saying that the two girls are like how Ate Kim and I were when we were kids!

Incidentally, Milpitas was my paperclip's first international destination! My first attempt to snailmail a copy was to the Kapunakans. It took over a month! To Inna, Isabel and Jake (and of course to Tito Boboy and Tita Marly, Rikki, Candy, Pepper and Nelson), hope you enjoyed my story!

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