Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to (a Princess in) Singapore

Here's my first cousin, Faye, an interior designer based in Singapore, all smiles with my Yellow Paperclip. I gave her a copy for a Christmas gift when we had our family reunion at their place last December. Before she was known as "Faye", she was called Princess (or Intet, for short) by the family since she was the youngest among her siblings. So my paperclip is in royal company! Nice!

This princess is quite a connector herself; one that would make Malcolm Gladwell proud! Faye knows Kevin, the boyfriend of my friend Cricket (who drove me to Adarna House on the deadliest deadline of the PBBY-Salanga Prize to submit our entries; without Cricket, you may not be reading this blog!). Faye also reconnected with a long-lost cousin MgaDy cousin from the Li branch of our family tree. Way to go, Faye! Thanks again for the photo; even if there are no skyscrapers or no merlion in the photo, the apartment grills still remind me of Singapore!

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