Monday, March 27, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Meets Jayvee

Over savoury and sweet crepes at Cafe Breton tonight, Jayvee and I talked non-stop (pauses were punctuated with "hellos") and caught up with each other's lives. It has been many months since we last sat down for a long chat. I ran into him in Greenbelt one night last month and we agreed to meet up soon.

Jayvee is the Managing Editor for m|PH, the country's most visible home-grown magazine on mobile technology. But he is also SGV-DDI's first ever student trainee back in 2001, when I was also new (so we learned and struggled together). Jayvee is a teacher, an urban farmer, a photographer and writer. He is an uber-blogger as he writes and gets people bugged. Jayvee is also a cool connector with links to my family (KV), old friends (Ails), colleagues (the old DDI folks) and new friends (Dickoy). An evening with Jayvee is guaranteed good conversation across a variety of topics, with lots of hee-hees, interesting insights and funny facial expressions (so do you think he looks like Mr. Bean?). And that's what I got... and more.

I gave him a copy of my storybook so I can get bugged! Woohooo! I can't wait to be bugged by Jayvee! Abangan...

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