Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Boston

Teacher Ails, my good friend and full-time Shiny Happy Person, teaches preschool in Boston. She read the story to her 3-year old kids today... and she says they loved it!

At first she thought the story might be too long and that the kids might get restless but they sat through it and kept asking WHAT? to the question at the end of each page: But did you know where the paperclip was before this? So they liked it! And the story "worked" for 3-year-olds!

She sent me this email today:

I finally got to read your book to my preschoolers this afternoon! Finally!! I mentioned that you wrote the book and they even asked what your name is. I told them that you are my friend and that you were in the Philippines. One even said, "Cool!" I was so happy to share your story to them.

My kids loved it. At the end of the story, I gave each child a paperclip (even though I didn't have the yellow paperclip with purple spots, but instead gave them the normal silver one) and asked them where they will take the paperclip. Here are their answers:
  • Henry - in a box
  • Alexander- in my daddy's car
  • Jake - in the airport
  • Max and Emma - in a treasure
  • Sammy - in the airport
  • Ruomo - in the airplane going to China to see my baba (dad)
  • Nate - my house
  • Dani - to my sister's school
Thank you again for the book, sweetie! Here are the pictures I took with my kids holding your book. Enjoy!!!


Teacher Ails

Ails and I have been friends since 1997. She has been in Boston for the last few years and came home for Christmas last December. When she found out I had a children's book and that I "cater to her profession" (hee-hee), she had to have a copy. I gave her two, one for her, the other for the library at her preschool. Thank you, Teacher Ails! I'm really happy. I got the similar feeling of swelling and overflowing emotions as I did when Donna of Pittsburgh told me her students enjoyed my story. The fact that the story cuts across cultures and timezones helps in my personal mission (that of making the world an even smaller place). So I'm really happy. Permanent-smile-on-my-face kind of happy. Bursting-happy-heart kind of happy.

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