Sunday, August 21, 2005

Recycled Paperclips

A paperclip story sent by one of my favorite uncles based in California... Thanks, Tito Boboy!

Just to let you know that the first copy of The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots is now in circulation here in Milpitas - thanks to you. Let me share with you my own personal story about paperclips.

When I was still working, I would pick up paperclips laying around the office floors and work premises whenever I see them. My boss, the president of the company, saw me one day and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was saving him money and that if all these seemingly worthless, curled, silver wires would be connected together, it could go around the world twice (that's how much I was able to gather so far). He just looked at me thinking maybe that I might be going crazy picking up all these paperclips. He left without saying a word.

The following morning, when I opened my office computer, I found an inter-office email from the boss which read: "Effective immediately, everybody is enjoined to recycle the paperclips used for office memos and documents. If you need some more of these clips, just go to the office of Mr. Dy-Liacco and you will find tons of them."

Until the day I retired, they are still recycling paperclips and who knows, there might be a Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots lying around.

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