Monday, August 22, 2005

And the Next Day, I Saw... Red

A red one today. On the walkway from the parking lot to the street. A little bent out of shape but still shiney and new. It was a welcome sight after a day without a paperclip sighting (yes, I admit... there are some days when I actually don't see one).

At a time when I was so blindly infatuated, I once challenged the Universe (inspired by "A Very Long Engagement"): "If I see a paperclip today, he loves me." And I saw three that day. But he doesn't love me. I don't even know what he feels or thinks. So paperclips have nothing to do with love. But... that's another story.

So I saw one today and I stopped myself from linking it with anything. It was just nice to see. Just like it was nice to get a "good morning" message from him again.


kyle said...

have you seen this red paperclip yet?

CloudWoman said...

Thanks, Kyle! What a great story! I can't wait until you get that house!