Saturday, August 20, 2005

Orange and Hopeful

I saw an orange paperclip on the road in BF this morning. Considering I haven't been there in a long time and it's not part of my daily routine, I was pleasantly surprised to see an orange one today. (I actually also saw an orange one in Pasig yesterday too!) Meron din pala dito. Sinusundan pa rin ako. It made me hopeful and a little happy in a weird sort of way. I hope it's a small "glimmer of hope" to confirm how hopeful I've been feeling this last week. We'll see. I'll just keep strolling along the park.


frazzlequeen said...

wat do you have to say about piles and piles of silver paperclips at my work at the pharmacy....the sit right next to wooded laundry clips...I wonder what they have to say about that.

CloudWoman said...

The silver paperclips at the pharmacy look at the wooded laundry clips and they say: "Hey, we may look a little different... but I think we're kind of the same." Just how we all must think and feel too.

zenmasta said...

Everyday my Internet Dept. goes to war with our Art Dept. using small office supplies including paperclips. They come in very handy when it comes to Office Wars.