Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One Red Paperclip from Montreal to Manila

Thanks to Kyle, red paperclips will never be the same again. I saw one red paperclip on the way to work this morning. Was it a coincidence? Was it the same red one I saw the other day?

But seeing a red one is now more significant after hearing Kyle's amazing adventure with One Red Paperclip. Could it be the same red paperclip he traded for a fish pen with his friends in Vancouver? Perhaps his friends Rawnie and Corinna visited the Philippines or are friends with Filipinos who came home to visit. Perhaps they traded it for something else which, in turn, got traded for something that ended up here in Manila. Whatever happened, one red paperclip has created a strange link between me and Kyle who is halfway across the world in Montreal.

Thanks to some friends, I've been hearing and thinking and dreaming about Montreal these last few months. In the bigger scheme of things, what is Montreal to my life? We'll see. Perhaps that's another adventure waiting to happen.

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