Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Purple Outfit

Purple has always been a Nikki-kind-of-color. Tonight was the wedding of my second cousin Leo to Rose and I just wanted to share that I was in a purple outfit!

I went panic-shopping last Sunday night for a dress. I was so happy when I spotted the coolest and purplest dress at Apple & Eve... and well within budget too! Then just last Thursday, I went to the Tektite tiangge and found a cool necklace with purplish glass beads that went perfectly with the dress. And since I made it in photo-finish time just as the stalls were closing, I got it on a great bargain! A huge thanks to my cyber-fashion consultant-friend who helped me pick and choose accessories to complete the outfit. Looks like purple will always be "my" color... COOOOOOL!


Anonymous said...

Krissy : OOh nik, you look so hot in this picture!!

CloudWoman said...

Hahaha! Thanks, Krissy! The power of a purple dress... ;)