Friday, June 23, 2006

SPIT and Six Degrees of Separation

I watched SPIT last night in Mag:Net Cafe Katipunan with friends, both old ones (Cricket, Marielle and Krissy) and new ones (Chiles, Mabel, Din-Din and Martin). I completely agree with Chiles with what he posted on his blog: Oddly enough, we were all connected to within the requisite six degrees, even without going through Nikki. Well, I was definitely connected to within the requisite six degrees with a couple of them, but I wouldn't be surprised if the rule held true with everyone else. Synchronicity screws up my sense of reality, making people and places feel as if they've all happened (to me) before. It's the second time I used a SPIT gig to gather disparate groups of friends in one venue - and it was successful both times! It's like Friendster in real life. Worlds collide. It's a small world after all. I love it!

Cricket and I have been friends since college and were partners-in-crime at DDI for a good number of years. Marielle is the younger sister I never had (inside and outside of YFC) and we've been friends since 1997. Krissy and I met through Aegis but grew closer after college. Chiles and one of my best friends Camille have been friends since forever (back in the good ole Zobel days) but I only got to meet him and know him personally early this year when we went to the Book Talk of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators last February. Mabel is Chiles' cheerful and pretty girlfriend, fellow doctor and autograph collector (she got autographs from all SPIT members!). Din-Din is Krissy's long-time family friend. Martin is Marielle's friend and is a professional fundraiser (but he hasn't gone to the extent of wearing a chicken suit to raise funds... at least not yet) - and the first cousin of Chiles' good friend, as well as the younger brother of one of Cricket's friends. Chiles knows Jay Ignacio of SPIT. Krissy works with Beepsie Mercado of SPIT as pres-school teachers. I personally know Joel Trinidad and Missy Maramara. How cool are all these connections?!

The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots has its part to play in all these collisions. Marielle was the one who told me about the PBBY-Salanga Prize back in 2004. I finally got to give a copy of my storybook to Chiles and Mabel. Krissy bought a book for one of her co-teachers. Cricket bought six and gave me a list of names for personal dedications.

What's the point of this post? SPIT and paperclips can link people in amazing ways.

SPIT returns to Mag:Net in August (Thursday nights, 9 PM, P150 cover charge with one free beer). Everyone should watch SPIT at least once... and many more times after. I love laughing that much and that loud. So, to anyone within six degrees of separation: see you in Mag:Net in August!


skinnyblackcladdink said...

speaking of SCBWIBWCCSSSIII... (ack! too many consonants! it's like spelling out a Lovecraftian god's name!)

there's another booktalk on the 10th. you going? i'm seriously thinking of going, as i haven't been in a while, and Figaro's across from the CCP complex is a nice spot.

CloudWoman said...

I'll need to play by ear if Monday July 10 is good with my crazy-hectic work sched for the next two months! :( But I like that Figaro too! :) Kinda dungeon-ey...