Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Peru

Alejo is yet another fellow deviant artist and one of May Ann's best friends. I think he's the very first person in South America to get our storybook! Wow! May Ann sent him a copy for his birthday. He's a great pixel artist and deviant of many interesting talents. What colorful adventure will you start today, Alejo?


Blackmago said...

oh my god! iam there
thank yuo nikki for posting my picture there!!
i was so happy to read the paperclip adventure
i promisee i will send you some paperclips for you
in my next letter to may ann huggs
from peruuu!!


May Ann said...

hweheheheheh, alejo is so happy! thank for featuring him, my wonderful nikki! :D

CloudWoman said...

Hi Alejo! You're welcome! I'm glad you have pink swirls on your cheeks! I look forward to getting Peruvian paperclips someday...