Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Australia

Kerstin (a.k.a. Ninke) is a good deviant artist friend of May Ann Licudine, my down-to-earth friend and illustrator extraordinaire. She sent May Ann this photo of her after getting a copy of our book. Wow, wouldn't it be cool if everyone who read our story got bright pink spirals on their cheeks? She's an emoticonist and has amazingly expressive and colorful artwork.

Felicia (a.k.a. Leficia) is another one of May Ann's good friends and fellow deviant artist. She looks a little uncomfortable after she got her wisdom tooth pulled out, but still very happy with The Yellow Paperclip! She's a 17-year-old pencil artist, writer and poet.

Good to know that our story has reached Down Under. Hope you enjoyed our storybook, Kerstin and Felicia!


May Ann said...

weeeee!!!! thank you for featuring my DA friends, nikki! The Yellow paperclip is very happy to have new FRIENDS!!!!

leficia said...

heehee, ohhhhh dear, haha, what a funny looking photo of me!

CloudWoman said...

Hi Felicia, that's alright! You're still a new friend of our Yellow Paperclip!

kerstin said...

of course everybody who reads the yellow paperclip with bright purple spots gets darling rosey swirls on their cheeks! :D
It's such a beautiful story, thankyou for sharing it and for featuring me in your sweet little paperclip adventure blog!


CloudWoman said...

You're welcome, Kerstin! I'll look out for others with rosey swirls!