Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Yellow Paperclip meets Carlo

Carlo is a dear friend of mine from college. We don't get to spend time together now as much as we used to, of course, but he is still dear to me. He's an artist and fellow member of The Bad Art Club. He creates the most striking black-and-white ink swirls and lines and patterns and images. He and I have very little in common yet our friendship is real. He knows me so well. He gave me the name Cloud Woman.

The Yellow Paperclip reaches out to my friend Carlo, in hopes of reminding him that there's so much to hope for and live for.


carlo said...

hi nikki :) that's a nice picture but i guess i should've taken a bath before meeting you then.

CloudWoman said...

No problemo... who needs a shower when you're just meeting up with old friends? Hee-hee.