Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bright Purple Spot in 2005: REUNIONS!

Tita Gang and Tita Yelley on an impromptu beach getaway.

Julia was a fellow little tourist in New York City.

Ateneo friends in big city/small world New York City.

With Stephie, long-lost friend and almost-native New Yorker.

One day and an evening with Ursula in LA, a bottle of red wine, and non-stop conversation.

Hanging out with my Fjupy Womyn, Trixy and Julia, in San Diego.

Wow Philippines: Taja and Chris in Manila and Bohol.

Ate Kim's early Christmas celebration in Manila.


cornelius alexander said...

Oh, man... I was poking around through these pictures and thought - "Hey, that looks like Stephanie back there!" Sure enough, it was!!

And then, better yet, was the pic of you and Ursula with your bottom lips out. That was a real blast from the past... you guys used that to your great advantage in Middle School. When I saw that picture, out of habit I found myself wanting to say, "Ok, ok, I give in. You guys win!"

Middle school... I don't even want to think how long ago that was...

CloudWoman said...

If I did the math right, it has been about 14 years since the 7th grade... Can you believe it?!

You can just imagine how anxious I was meeting up with Stephie and Ursula knowing we spent so many years apart. But my fears turned into fluff: the two of them were as cool as ever and we were able to pick right up where we left off... just as if we were still in the good ole JIS campus... :)

cornelius alexander said...

Yeah, or in my case that would be half a life ago!! : )

CloudWoman said...

Oh wow... you're right!

Hey, where can I email you?! Send me a message at :) You have to update me on the second half of your life!