Saturday, December 01, 2012

Starting with Goodbyes

Day 1: How are you starting?

I have three minutes left on this first day of December and I will try my best to complete #reverb12. So how am I starting?

I am starting with goodbyes. I had a farewell dinner with a dear friend who I have known since I first moved to this home-away-from-home. Though we only get to see each other twice or thrice a year, he is a dear friend and a fellow pilgrim, and we can spend hours talking about any and all things. Spending time with him always reminds me to hope and focus on the essential things in life. I'm sad to see him go back to Indonesia yet excited for this next chapter in his journey.

So with tonight's farewell, I also say goodbye to this year's feelings of BLAH. Goodbye to other people's expectations. Goodbye to thinking-too-much. Goodbye to procrastination. Goodbye to mindless online surfing. Goodbye to worrying what other people think. Goodbye to my sedentary lifestyle. Goodbye to what-if fears. Goodbye to writer's block. Goodbye to excuses.

All goodbyes lead to hellos. See you soon, 2013.


Beky said...

I like your post. Honest.

CloudWoman said...

Hi Becky, thank you. That means a lot to me as a writer. :-)