Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Picture Book for Papa

Thanks to iPhoto, I was able to make a picture book for my dad's 60th birthday. It's my first print-on-demand book (courtesy of Picture Books) and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. My dad has been taking photographs ever since I can remember and one of his favorite subjects is the humble (and often lonely) bicycle. One of the earliest shots is this bicycle in Amsterdam in 1981. I collected several photos (I love it how he has a hard drive just for his photos... and even a folder specifically for all of his bicycle shots!) and counted exactly sixty bikes (some photos had more than one in them!), worked on the layout on iPhoto (I love how Macs are so intuitive and foolproof!), and sent them over for printing. Best of all, Papa is well pleased with the book.

Remember how I said it's now my personal mission to help others realize their dreams? Papa has always wanted to have his own photo exhibit, and a portfolio is a first step. This book 60 Bicycles can serve as his portfolio. Other possible book projects: 60 Doors, 60 Patterns, 60 Shots of Nikki... Happy 60th birthday, Papa! I love you very mucho!

PS. While I'm happy with the quality of the printing and binding, I was so upset with the delay, considering I gave my photos in two weeks in advance. It was unnecessary stress! So if you want to make picture book through them, just make sure you don't have a super tight deadline. (But, plus points for them though: they replied to my I'm-an-unhappy-customer email and gave me a 15% discount.)

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