Monday, June 09, 2008

Third Time Lucky

I spent an hour or so browsing around Fully Booked yesterday. Whenever I am at a bookstore, I can't help but check if they have still have copies of The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots. (When they don't, I make sure I text or call Adarna House. Hee-hee. It's the marketing person in me.) I was happy to find one of those revolving Adarna book displays with four copies of my book on display. I noticed that the colors of the cover seemed a little different so I picked one up and checked the pages too... and guess what I just found out? We're on our third printing!

As always, I am thankful. It's not actually third time "lucky" - more like third time BLESSED. We're on our third year and I'm thrilled that the book continues to sell.


Mall said...

DEAREST! Seriously??? third printing??? oh my gosh, why didn't Adarna House tell me about our third printing???

You know what, God truly blessed us!!! Let's give our huge thanks to Him for giving us wisdom, talent, knowledge, perseverance, more!!!

Plus... I'm truly blessed to have met you as a super super blessed friend, Niki.

Love you!!! WE ROCK!!!!!

Nikki said...

Hello May Ann!!! They didn't inform me either - I just saw it on the bookshelf. Sorry I didn't get to send you a message about it.

But you're right - we have to thank Him continuously. We have been truly, truly blessed. I have been blessed with an amazing illustrator! :-)

How are you?!??! Hope you are well!

Fernando R. Gonzalez said...

Wow, Nikki! That's great to know. You have been truly blessed. And of course, a lot of readers are blessed to with that very inspiring transient-traveller-in-all-of-us story. YPC pa, eh instant classic 'yan? kudos my friend! :-)

Yelle said...

Congrats, Tita Nikki! :-) This is all so AMAZING!!! Eeeek!

Julia said...

That's because the book rocks!!! You're brilliant!

From Julia - as in the Julia who is in the book ;) Marketing myself, how do you like that 'ki!

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