Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Project and A Song

Imagine life like this
we live as if we're paperclips
Oh it never seemed so clear to me
why our lives could be so separated like paper sheets
piece by piece we put together
and hold as one to make one big bind.
One big bind.

I wonder how many songs there are about paperclips... but this is the first one I've heard. And I love it. Click here to listen.

The more interesting thing is how I came across it. Check out this blog I stumbled upon. I'm just so thrilled to hear there are more people out there getting fascinated by the paperclip. At least I know I'm not that strange. :-) But I'm even happier that worlds continue to collide. Thanks, Jayvee and Jun for sharing my story with Guitarchic!


Anonymous said...
i'm a fan of your blog and hers, funny that you are both referring to each other now, blogging six degrees of separtion?

CloudWoman said...

I know! Isn't that wonderfully strange. And I love how the paperclip is all about keeping things together; now it's linking people together too!

Wow... a "fan"? :-) I'm honestly flattered. Thank you for sharing our paperclip experience and hearing our stories.