Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Portugal

What a nice surprise in my inbox today from Susana, a good friend of May Ann:

Hi Nikki! I don't know if you remember us: we are the twins from Lisbon, Portugal. We commented in your blog a couple of weeks ago. As promised, here is the picture of the two of us holding your/May Ann's fantastic book. We wish you all the best and hope to see many more books from you!

P.S. Oh, and I forgot to say: in the picture, Patricia is wearing the white shirt and I am wearing the brown one.

I'm so happy the Yellow Paperclip found its way to Portugal, but even happier that it has made twin friends. Here's hoping for more books too!


Mall said...


That's Susana and Patricia!!! Finally, they took photo of them with our book!!!! I love it!!! Nikki, I already emailed to the wonderful kind sweet talkative twins about you. They said that your nice writings inspired them. *winks* Well, I sent my parcel to them last month. :D

P.S. Susana... finally, I see you now!!!! Glad you didn't cover your face with your hands! You both look beautiful!!!!

Mall said...

Luckily, The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots feels so blessed to have new friends! *winks*

Patricia and Susana said...

Nikki: It was our pleasure to email you the picture... so glad that you liked it!! We are certain that the Yellow Paperclip will make many more friends around the globe :)

May Ann: hehehehhehe... *shy* we took that picture last Tuesday night. I(Susana) must confess that it is hard to catch me in a photo :P I always like to hide myself behind the camera ;) but we were both happy to do this as we were showing the Yellow Paperclip here in our country :)) the nice writing and beautiful illustration are a source of constant inspiration for us! Sooo veryy happy that you liked the photo of the two of us!!! We also feel blessed for having a new friend in the Yellow Paperclip. *smiles widely*

Mall said...

patricia&susana: Hee hee, next time, I'll take more photos of you, Susana so Patricia will keep your hands away from covering your face, hahaha! Yep, the Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots was so happy to have met you both. hee hee! I got your flickr note, please wait for my next note. Don't worry, take your time to work on your translation projects. Me too, I'm still working on my unfinished art commission. Hee hee!

Nikki: hehehehe! you know what, twins and I are really talkative, just like you! *winks* Know that I really miss you very much, my friend. I really hope I may have time to visit you there in Manila. Much love to you!