Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Backblog (Backlog ng Blog)

I wish I had more time to write. If I did, I would write about...
  • The Magic of Teacher Mauie
  • Noli's Unique Kids
  • The Yellow Paperclip Visits an Animation Studio
  • A Dream Come True (Almost) for My Friend Johnny
  • Writing for Grown-Ups
  • Don and the Joy of Believing in Paperclips
  • The Yellow Paperclip Goes to ISM
I have a Stickie note on my desktop to remind me of my backblog. But I thought I'd post it up here as a baby step to making it real. Eeeep. Find time, Nikki... please find time.


jun said...

hi Nikki! Happy New Year!

Anna gave Iani and Tesa a signed copy of the TYPWBPS .. And they loved it.. (Gina and I do too!).. It has become one of their favorite bedtime stories.

BTW, there will be a blogger meet on Jan 27, venue TBA... Jayvee is part of the team organizing the event... Coming?

Susana and Patricia said...

Hi Nikki!

We were fortunate to get a copy of your beautiful book through May Ann. You both created a story full of magic and honesty. Congratulations for the fantastic work!

That paperclip is a bit of us all... in a way... we wouldnt mind that in his next travel he would be in Lisbon(our city) and we would tell his story in Portuguese so that he could travel all the latin countries spreading its magic everywhere and then coming back to Becca :)

All the best to you!

CloudWoman said...

Hello Jun! Tsk, tsk... I haven't blogged in months and I obviously missed the blogger meet last January. I hope you haven't missed your bedtime stories though!

CloudWoman said...

Thanks, Susana and Patricia! I'm so happy you enjoyed our story. I would love for the Yellow Paperclip and I to visit Lisbon one day... Do send me a photograph so I can include you in this blog!