Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Handy Paperclip for Roger

Roger is the trusty Honda Accord I drive approximately 60 kilometers a day. He and I have been roadtrip buddies for the last five years. We've been so busy that I failed to notice a year and approximately 40,000 kilometers had gone by since his last tune-up. Yikes! So I brought him to the shop today and had him all checked out and tuned up.

One of my complaints was that my windshield washer (?) wasn't squirting out water anymore. The car mechanic called out to his buddy: "May paperclip ka ba?" (Do you have a paperclip?) Armed with a silver paperclip, he straightened it out and proceeded to poke at the tiny holes. Soon after, sudsy water was squirting out as it should. Voila!

A handy paperclip to unclog, and a trusty car to keep me company... and completely broke.


Looweegee said...

That's a cool story Nik!

You can also do that "tusok-tusok with a paperclip inside the washer hole" to aim where the water squirts.

Then you can use that paperclip to join together your repair receipts and stick it on your wall. This way, you won't forget about Roger's next tune up sched. :)

CloudWoman said...

Yeah! The guy kept poking at the washer hole to fix the angle of the squirt! I didn't know that kaya tuwang-tuwa ako. Hee-hee.

Next tune-up after 2,000 kms... tama?

Anonymous said...

Hey klutz! Every 10,000km/6months ata ;) Oh guess what? We at at MyLK in greenbelt and there was a paperclip drawn on their menus...

Paperclips are good for ejecting cds from computers too (when you have a cd in there and you're tamad to turn it on pa). I think that's my favorite use for a paperclip, plus bending it into shape for a handy "sabitan" in my office cubicle.

Your nextdoor klutz.