Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Special Link to Fight Pompe

I'm happy to introduce you to a Fight against Pompe. May Ann, the greatest illustrator in the world (of course I'm biased!), designed the first illustration for Fight Pompe for my friend Dickoy Magdaraog.

I love mixing friends: that is, being a Connector (as Malcolm Gladwell described it in The Tipping Point) among my different urban tribes and across various groups of friends and contacts. I like introducing people to others because of a shared interest or a special need. I like being the "missing link" between strangers. I like making the world an even smaller place.

May Ann, of course, is the amazing PBBY-Alcala winning illustrator of my book The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots (her work is so amazing that my friend suggested May Ann gets her hands insured!). Dickoy is my boss' oldest son and is one of the most inspiring people I know. He has a rare condition called Pompe's Disease but remains happy and positive with his "thisability": he works, blogs, chats, jokes around, loves books, and enjoys writing. His blog documents his fight against Pompe, especially now as he receives bi-weekly infusions of a special enzyme and while he raises funds through an online store for FightPompe merchandise. Dickoy needed an artist and I referred May Ann in a blink: I knew she'd be perfect for his projects.

I'm glad I created a special link between Dickoy and May Ann. The Yellow Paperclip once again earned another Bright Purple Spot (welcome aboard, Dickoy!). Cheers to you both!

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