Thursday, November 10, 2005

WOW! Twelve Paperclips in an Hour

I still can't believe I saw twelve... yes, TWELVE... twelve paperclips when I walked from my office to the post office and back (to snailmail two copies of my book to Trixy and Julia).

A blue bent-into-a-heart-shape one on the sidewalk, just after I waved to friends. A green one a few steps later. A red one in the post office. There was another blue one. Then white. A brown one in a rain puddle. Yellow in a sidewalk crack. Orange. Pink and Green as I crossed the parking lot (that's nine and ten). Blue again. A big bright shiny red one as the twelfth, as if the grand finale.

By the sixth or seventh, I was walking around with a huge smile on my face. People must have thought I was crazy or high on something. Hee-hee. I'll probably see more... would I reach ten? Naaah, that's too much.

Ask and you shall receive. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you get even more than what you asked for.


Beth Danae said...

Really, you see a paperclip every day?? interesting.. Amazing you saw one at the beach in the sand..

CloudWoman said...

I know! They follow me around, I think... Hee-hee. Do you like paperclips too?

Klutz said...

Astig! And not one of the twelve was just a plain, boring ol' silver one? :D