Friday, September 16, 2005

The Yellow Paperclip Goes to Xavier School

Thanks to Teacher Raquel, the Yellow Paperclip went to Xavier School for a storytelling session. Armed with pillows and all comfy in their pajamas, third graders listened to The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots and responded well to Teacher Raquel's questions.

Teacher Raquel: Where do you think the paperclip came from?
Third grade kids: The paperclip factory! From outer space! A toolbox! In my mom's stuff! In the trash can! Church! My desk! From the airport!

Teacher Raquel: If you had a paperclip, what would you do with it?
Third grade kids: I'll put it in my book. I'll keep it in my secret files! I'll bury it in the sand in Boracay. I'll give it to the Lost and Found. I'll put it in the bank. I'll put it in my sock drawer. I'll give it to God!

When Raquel introduced me, the kids turned around, wide-eyed and smiling. It felt so surreal. The best part was when we gave out paperclips at the end. You'd think these kids have never seen a paperclip before. "Me! Me! I want a paperclip!" They said excitedly in their high-pitched third grade voices, eager to get a paperclip or two.

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